I am so pleased that I was recommended Jamie. He designed a beautiful and functional website. He really listened and understood the brief, but was also able to use his own creative license perfectly!

He worked over and above and thought of all the little things I wouldn’t necessarily have done. He has been professional, lovely and is also very affordable.​

Lauren Ann – The Pathfinder


Allow customers to book appointments online via a robust booking system.

Build community and generate leads by highlighting free content such as a monthly newsletter & a blog.

Better reflect Lauren’s ability to work globally online while maintaining the familiarity of a local therapist.

Develop a strong, unique, and inviting identity that is recognisable for both a local & global audience.

Like many of us, Lauren’s business practices were shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw therapy make the daunting move to online.

While many therapists were keen to return to face-to-face & business-as-usual, Lauren saw an opportunity to expand.

The convenience of online therapy meant Lauren could build a network of clients both locally & globally.

In order to do so, Lauren needed a strong online presence & identity. Her previous website was informative, but lacked the content-driven interactivity foundational to an online brand.

She approached Gemini in order to overhaul her site to reflect this shift in business focus.

The new site needed extra functionality. Allowing users to book appointments, register for newsletters and read blog posts was imperative.

Additionally, a downside of online therapy is the added difficulty when building a rapport with potential clients, as appose to through face-to-face interactions.

The design had to be familiar, warm, & accessible. Furthermore, it had to stand out in the growing hypnotherapy market.


A solution-focused website with a strong visual identity, conveying both warmth and professionalism.

An eye-catching and unique brand identity with a positive message that stands out among competitors.

Strong focus on lead generation with many calls-to-action, chat facilities, appointment booking and more.

Implementation of email marketing services with a monthly newsletter to build a strong connection and community while also generating more leads.

After working with Gemini, Lauren’s hypnotherapy business underwent a transformation that allowed her to expand her reach beyond her local area.

The new website we designed for her is a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in hypnotherapy, with appointments, newsletter sign-ups, and blog posts all easily accessible.

But it’s not just about the website’s functionality. We also helped Lauren develop a strong visual identity that represents her business perfectly. The bridge overlooking a sunrise is a strong visual metaphor, and a unique brand identity that stands out in a crowded market.

Ultimately, the new website has allowed Lauren to generate more leads and build a strong community around her brand.

By implementing email marketing services and a monthly newsletter, Lauren can keep in touch with her audience and offer valuable insights into the benefits of hypnotherapy. The implementation allows for complete autonomy over the newsletter creation process which has allowed Lauren to create something truly unique.

In short, the new website is a reflection of Lauren’s business, allowing her to work globally online while maintaining the familiarity of a local therapist.

The results speak for themselves – a thriving hypnotherapy business with a strong online presence that stands out among the competition.