My website is above and beyond anything I could have expected. Jamie was professional, lovely & is incredible at what he does. I plan to offer him a tonne more work because of how excellent and stress free I’ve found this service.”

Jessica Hyer Griffin –


Emphasise easy access to uniquely tailored support, extending efforts to hard-to-reach groups to increase overall community impact.

Portray a destigmatised image for an often overlooked community, making sure the voices of marginalised groups are heard.

Highlight revenue streams such as e-commerce and donations to expand support efforts.

Create a platform to demonstrate and uplift community talent. came to us with a few issues with their old website.

It wasn’t mobile-friendly, tough to update, and – let’s face it – it looked like it was still stuck in the early 2010s.

To make matters worse, the information on the site was no longer relevant to what the organization was trying to achieve.

The design was colourful, but it just didn’t capture the vibrant and positive essence of what was all about.

The whole situation was tough, because really wanted to make a difference in the lives of the community they serve. They wanted to make it easier for sex workers who had a tough time reaching out for help to connect with the safety and mental health support they needed.

So, they decided to start from scratch and came to Gemini to build a new website that would better reflect their mission and values.

They had a few goals in mind: They wanted to make support more accessible to hard-to-reach groups, create a destigmatised image for the sex worker community, highlight the ways they generate revenue through e-commerce and donations, and give a platform to sex workers to showcase their talents.

With these goals in mind, Gemini set out to create a website that would be vibrant, accessible, easy to customise, mobile-friendly, and ultimately true to their mission.

They hoped that with this new website, they would be able to expand their reach and increase their impact on the community they serve.


A stylish, modern and fun mobile-first website that compliments the design language and aesthetics already established by the organisation.

Strong emphasis on support methods, with both self-help and contact methods front and centre.

Upcoming updates include a merchandise store with ethical print-on-demand integration.

A community area where creative projects and portfolios can be displayed to showcase community talent.

The new website has a vibrant and colourful neo-brutalist design that reflects the vibrancy and positivity of the organisation and to celebrate it’s mission and values.

The website also puts support services front and center, making it easy for users to get the help they need.

There was extensive amounts of support information and documentation which has been made easy and enjoyable to navigate, with a focus on responsive, mobile first design.

The portfolio is a constantly updating resource where the organisation can take submissions and showcase the creative talent of their community. This encourages repeat visits, interaction and engagement with the brand and it’s message, further strengthening positivity.

We also helped set up an e-commerce store where customers can order art prints and merchandise with designs from the community, using ethical print-on-demand to make the process simple.

The audience has already had a positive reception to the design of the site. The extensive information and ease of navigation have been instrumental in creating new partnerships and acquiring funding.